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Surrogacy agencies provides surrogacy services supporting the Lubbock, Texas area. A surrogacy agency will help those interested in becoming a surrogate or gestational carrier for another person or couple who is struggling to have a child. To become a surrogate or gestational carrier, one must meet certain requirements including a proven ability to become pregnant. There are legal, medical, psychological and social considerations to ultimately become a gestational carrier, but it all starts with the initial application. An agency will handle all the financial aspects of the process including the time and effort compensation to become a surrogate or gestational carrier. The amount of compensation to become a surrogate is also managed by an agency serving Lubbock, Texas.

Reproductive Assistance Inc.


Reproductive Assistance
Reproductive Assistance Inc.
About the Agency

Reproductive Assistance Inc. is serving the Lubbock, Texas area to help individuals and couples find a surrogate or gestational carrier. The process to find a surrogate or gestational carrier is managed by Reproductive Assistance Inc.. They help match the intended parents to the carrier based on the knowledge and experience of knowing all parties involved. The two parties essentially pick each other through the assistance of the agency. This includes a thorough application process, medical and psychological review, physical evaluation, social environment and history considerations, compensation requirements and more. If you are in need of a gestational carrier serving the Lubbock, Texas area, please complete the form below (choose "Surrogacy - Select) and someone will contact you.

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