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* a national agency service
Surrogacy Options of America
  • headquarters in
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 702-425-5588
    (for appointments)
About the Agency

Surrogacy Options of America (SOA) is a national surrogacy and egg donor agency headquartered in Las Vegas, but able to help match surrogates with intended parents throughout the USA, including Central Jersey. They are supported by a highly experienced alliance of medical and legal professionals to facilitate and coordinate the necessary services to provide qualified surrogates and egg donors to intended families. They are equipped to facilitate surrogacy journeys in all surrogate friendly states across the U.S. Apply today to their surrogacy or egg donor program!

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  • 411 Hackensack Ave., Suite 207
    Hackensack, NJ 07601
  • 855-241-2644
    (for appointments)
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surrogacy in Central New Jersey
Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey
  • 234 Industrial Way West, Suite A104
    Eatontown, NJ 07724
  • 732-918-2500
    (for appointments)
About the Clinic

Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey is serving the Central New Jersey area to help individuals and couples find a surrogate or gestational carrier. The process to find a surrogate or gestational carrier is managed by the Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey. They help match the intended parents to the carrier based on the knowledge and experience of knowing all parties involved. The two parties essentially pick each other through the assistance of the agency. This includes a thorough application process, medical and psychological review, physical evaluation, social environment and history considerations, compensation requirements and more. If you are in need of a gestational carrier serving the Central New Jersey area, please complete the form below (choose "Surrogacy - Select) and someone will contact you.

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