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Michigan Reproductive Medicine

IVF Clinic in Saginaw, Michigan
About the IVF Clinic

Michigan Reproductive Medicine (MRM) is a comprehensive fertility center serving the Saginaw, Michigan area. Since they started in 1998, they have been an innovator in fertility treatment helping thousands of patients realize their dreams of starting a family. MRM provides the full range of fertility evaluation and treatment for women and men including assisted reproductive technologies of IVF therapy, preimplantation genetic screening, donor egg IVF and minimally invasive surgery therapies. They are the recognized leaders in egg freezing technology. Michigan Egg Bank is the only frozen donor egg bank in Michigan and one of the first frozen donor egg banks in the United States.

Additional Information

Their team of fertility experts is ready to help you with your specific concerns and needs. Their emphasis is on personalized care which usually involve one or more of the following areas of treatment:


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