Fertility Network Services

WE ARE A CUSTOMER SERVICE, NOT A LISTING SERVICE: For over 20 years, The Fertility Network has helped link patients and infertility services. Although we don't promote ourselves as a consulting company, we do seek out respected participants whom we believe can help patients and help the integrity of the field.

Our goal is to provide a trusted local option to patients in that local area who has an expertise in a specific interest or specialty of infertility. There may be others in that area, but FertilityNetwork.com seeks out a customer relationship, not a listing relationship. When we do not have a specific customer in that area or specialty, we simply list several options available until we form a working relationship with a particular customer. If you belong to a fertility organization, and wish to be listed or possibly be a customer for an area and specialty, please contact us.

REGARDING LISTING RULES: For over 20 years, The Fertility Network has been a peaceful coexistance of independent services throughout the country. We have collectively marketed ourselves as a group of trusted local options . As a result, "self-descriptions" of services try to avoid the subjective comparisons of "best", "highest", "most successful", etc., type of comparisons. In general, this is due to a respect for the quality of care that is provided by others in non-competing areas of the country. It is also something that we administratively guard to protect the integrity of the site.

You will see that there are options within "Surrogacy" and "Egg Donation" whereby a single, non-local organization is "customer listed". Although we have great respect for those listed regionally or nationally, when we have a local customer, we will make alter our site accordingly. In this case, please contact us.