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About Embryo Donation

Embryo donation in the USA is mainly served by a few embryo donation agencies. Some of the embryo agencies are listed below but there are local agencies that are in-house agencies of an IVF Center or a smaller independant agencies serving Northwest Indiana. Since embryos are easily frozen, the agencies can generally serve the Northwest Indiana area in addition to the rest of the USA. There are significant legal aspects of embryo donation upon which agencies can provide guidance. An IVF Center actually in Northwest Indiana may have an in-house program or local resources to support your donating efforts.

Lastly, EmbryoNetwork.com provides a free service to allow a couple to record their own history today, and will hold that application for 10 years in the event to couple decides to donate at a later date. This helps with memory recall and likely subsequent trust of information for a potential recipient couple.

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National Embryo Donation
Embryos Alive
  • P.O. Box 42841
    Cincinnati, OH 45242
  • 513-518-7006
    (for appointments)
  • embryosalive.com
Embryo Network


About the Clinics

If you are in need of an embryo donor, and you are in the Northwest Indiana area, you will need an IVF Clinic to assist you with embryo donation. Sometimes an infertility solution is as simple as using donated embryos. With donated embryos, you will still need the transfer procedure associated with IVF. The IVF Clinic may have some options to consider that could still provide a biological offspring if desired. Regardless of using donor embryos or searching for a biological solution, an IVF Clinic can be the administrator of successful infertility treatment and/or coordinate treatment with specialized referral services.

Fertility Centers of Illinois
  • 18210 South La Grange Rd, Suite 111
    Tinley Park, Illinois 60487
  • 708-633-1999
    (for appointments)
  • fcionline.com
Midwest Fertility Center
  • 9305 Calumet Ave
    Munster, Indiana 46321
  • 800-244-0212
    (for appointments)
  • ivf.us
Chicago IVF
  • 8840 Calumet Avenue, Suite 201
    Munster, Indiana, 46321
  • 866-IVF-CHGO
    (for appointments)
  • chicago-ivf.com
Partners in Reproductive Health
  • 800 Macarthur Blvd, Suite 2
    Munster, IN 46321
  • 219-836-9490
    (for appointments)
  • pirhivf.com
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