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  To Donate Eggs

Egg Donation is made possible by caring, younger women willing to provide their eggs to another couple or individual. It is an involved process which usually provides an egg donor compensation from the recipient via the IVF clinic or egg donation agency.

To donate eggs is not a simple process. It will involve frequent visits to the IVF clinic, the injection of fertility drugs, a hospital or office based procedure to retrieve the eggs, and more. Compensation may be the result of state law or set by the agency and/or donor. It is typically in the range of $3000 to $8000. Experienced donors will tell you, "don't do it for the money" ... remember, it is an involved process.

It is important to note that egg donation is considered "tissue donation" in the eyes of the FDA. Therefore, there are strict eligibility requirements related to lengthy applications, consents, physical evaluations, psychological evaluations and genetic testing.

The first step is the pre-screen application which is widely provided throught The Fertility Network ... save yourself some time ... be honest.

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