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The Fertility Network connects you to IVF Clinics, Infertility Specialists, Egg Donation Agencies, and other services to help you find common infertility treatment, such as IVF, egg donation, egg freezing, ICSI, PDG, artificial insemination and more.

If you are looking for IVF treatment, general infertlity treatment, or more specialized care, the resources provided within The Fertility Network will help you find the appropriate infertility service. For IVF, we are a customer service, not a listing service, working in a closed-network of IVF Clinics in over 100 locations.

Additionally, for those interested in donating eggs, we provide a central location to let fertility centers and egg donation agencies know of your interest to donate eggs.

Please note, form links from this site connect to a secure server to help protect your private interest and sensitive information.

We hope we are able to help you.

Find Infertility Treatment
IVF Clinics
IVF Clinics are central to advanced infertility treatment. If you are over 35 or been trying to get pregnant for more than 9 months, or if clomiphene (Clomid or Serophene) hasn't worked in 3 to 6 months, this is the place to start.
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Fertility Doctors
Reproductive Endocrinologists have studied infertility typically an additional 2 to 3 years more than an Ob/Gyn. They are specifically trained to treat infertility. These doctors have a high volume of infertility experience and are often referred to as infertility specialists.
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Other Services
Specialized pharmacies often provide special pricing on fertility drugs. Mental health professionals help make this difficult time more manageable. Fertility Law Firms specialize in adoption, embryo adoption, and are often the back-end of donor agencies. And more ...
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To Donate Eggs
Egg Donation is made possible by caring, younger women willing to provide their eggs to another couple or individual. It is an involved process which usually provides a generous compensation from the IVF clinic or egg donation agency.
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Egg Donation Agencies
Egg Donor Agencies & Surrogacy Agencies provide advanced coordination of the complicated process to become an egg donor or surrogate. They specialize in helping IVF clinics involved in "third party reproduction" find egg donor matches for intended parents.
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Join "The Fertility Network"
There is no need for patients or egg donors to contact The Fertility Network. We are a customer service, and our customers are proudly listed throughout fertilitynetwork.com. If you are a "fertility company" and would like more information about us, please call us at 513-769-5259.
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